It’s every building manager’s nightmare: a distracted CEO or building visitor colliding head-first with glass. Unfortunately, it’s all too common. Regulated by local building codes, distraction graphics minimize risk through eye-catching designs that stop building occupants in their tracks. The question is: what will satisfy the discerning eye of building-code enforcement officials?

A Single, Streamlined Solution

Local codes governing the size and placement of distraction graphics vary, which can be confusing for those tasked with ordering them – until now.

Recognizing the need for a better solution, we assessed the strictest municipalities in the county, including New York City, which has sky-high standards to match its skyline. As a result, we developed all of our standard offerings to match. It’s a turnkey solution that helps you get up to code fast.

See NYC Code Requirements

Don’t see what you need?

Distraction Graphics has the experience to help you select an option to satisfy even the strictest code inspector. Contact us for assistance if you have any questions at all.